At N.K INDUSTRIES, we believe to serve our customers at each stage, like from inquiry stage of machines, supply of machines, satisfactory installation & commissioning of machines up to prompt and effective after sales services.


  • This is crucial stage for any customer wherein, the customer should need all genuine support / guidance from their vendors regarding procurement of machines. Hence, we, as a supplier, take it as our duty, to guide correctly and provide all possible support to our customers.
  • We analyse the customer’s raw data given by customer regarding their requirement of machines vis-à-vis their actual operational requirement. We finalize the operational specifications of required machines and quote appropriate machines so that they offer optimum output.
  • We also provide qualification documents like utility requirement, layouts / G.A. for offered machines, which help the customer to ascertain their requirement of utilities as well as space requirement to accommodate the machines.
  • If needed, we also offer Pre dispatch inspection of machines to the customers whereby; they get actual idea about the performance of machines vis-à-vis their actual requirement.
  • The above steps ensure the utmost satisfaction to customers and also maintain transparency, which ultimately enhance our reliability and build our goodwill in the market.


We cater to various industries like pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Pesticides, and Distilleries etc. Hence, there are different kind’s applications of washing, filling, sealing, labeling of bottles, jars, tins in each industry. Over & above, these applications are performed in many different ways as per customer operational requirement. Considering this fact, we provide the solution by customizing the product as per their requirement. We can design, manufacture and supply the customized machines based on.

• Different types of liquid to be filled (i.e. Pesticides, Shampoos, Perfumes etc.)
• Shape of bottles (i.e. Square, rectangular, triangular etc.)
• Type of bottle (Jar, Cans etc)
• Different types of caps
• Labelling on different kind of bottles


Nowadays, one need to comply with all applicable Pharma norms related to Pharma machinery  especially for validation requirement of machines. Considering this fact, we provide all necessary validation documents, like IQ/ PQ/OQ/DQ (with nominal charges) for our machines. These documents guide the customer regarding design, Installation, operation and performance of their procured machines.