Lug Capping Machine

We manufacture the quality range of lug capping machines. Completely made of stainless steel, the device operates on the vacuum principle. Having a machine speed of 3000 per hour which means it can cap 50 containers per minute. Our lug capping system is designed with premium materials and modern technology.


Lug Capping Machine

Salient Feature of Machines:

Following are the salient feature of Lug capping machine offered by us.

  • Completely stainless steel Construction.
  • capable of vacuum capping of the bottles with lug or twist-off caps as well as of those not necessarily to be vacuumed.
  • decreases the air pressure inside a bottle by high-speed steam injection, tightens the bottle cap and then vacuums the bottle by flushing cold water
  • Specially designed Vibrator unit to keep the uni direction of cap.
  • Machine clutch in case of any jamming of bottle during the machine operation.


Applicability Twist off cap , POP up cap
Cap dia 30-85 mm
Bottle dia Up to 160 mm
Bottle height 65 to 260 mm


Machine speed 3000 container per hour means 50 bottle per minute
Steam requirement 180 to 230 KG/ Hour
Rated steam pressure ≤0.4MPa

Main Motor power

3 HP

Cap orientor motor

0.5 HP

Exhaust Motor

1 HP
Machine Dimension 3000mm (L) ×1100mm (W) ×2000mm (H)
Machine weight 1000 KG


  • In Lug capping machine,the filled bottles to be capped are conveyed to the carrier chain of the main unit by the conveyor and then into the machine.
  • Caps are automatically arranged with opening downwards in the cap feeder and taken to the guide rail in the pre-sealing area along the chute one by one.
  • the chute is provided with a steam ejecting pipe to soften the seal ring in cap. A Cap is left on the neck of each bottle passed the guide rail and pre-sealed under the application of pressing foot and rubber block. Then it comes to the underside of the differential flat belt pressure plate of the sealing assembly and is tightened by the two differential flat belts to twist cap.
  • Before capping, the bottle passes the steam ejection area first and displaces the air under normal pressure in the top clearance at the bottle mouth with high-speed steam. After capping, the cooling water pipe sprays cold water on its cap to cool down the bottle to vacuum it.
  • During the entire process from pre-sealing to sealing, the bottle is clamped by a pair of V-belts synchronizing with the carrier chain so that the bottle can go forward smoothly and will not turn.