Horizontal Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine NKSALT-120

We are manufacturing Horizontal Ampoule sticker Labeling Machine which can be useful to apply the sticker on variety of container like tubes, Ampoule or any cylindrical container. Horizontal Ampoule sticker Labeling Machine is designated as MODEL NKSALT-120

horizontal-Ampoule- Sticker-Labeling-machine

Horizontal Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

Salient Feature of Machines :

Horizontal Ampoule sticker Labeling Machine is equipped with following features.                                                                    

  • A total cGMP model           
  • High Production Speed up to 140 containers/min depends upon the type of PFS.
  • S.S. 304 Constructions.               
  • Accurate label dispensing.            
  • Secondary Pressing unit.              
  • Facility to incorporate the Batch coding printing like Inkjet printing or hot foil coding & contact coding.
  • In built Speed Indicator & Counter

Schematic Machine working:                                                                      

  • NKSALT -120, Automatic Horizontal Ampoule sticker Labeling Machine is used for labeling of round container which are previously filled and sealed.
  • No change parts are required for change over of container size.
  • Cylindrical container are needed to be put on the in-feed Slant conveyor manually or specialized machine is equipped with hopper for automatic feeding.
  • Label is placed on the container immediately when it will be sensed by the container sensor, it ensures instant adhesive of label’s edge. Then it passes through the pressing unit resulting in precise registration and crease-free application.

Technical Specification:                                                                               

Product Size (in mm) 30mm (min.) 100mm (max.)
  Label Size (in mm)  150 length (max.) 100 Height (max.)
  Speed  0 to 150 (variable) Product / min. with over imprinting
  Product Conveyor   Horizontally
  Roll Dimension   Upto 305 mm max.
  Power Supply   230 V A.C. / 50 Hz Standard
  Operating   24 volts D.C.
  Over Imprinting   Adjustable as per requirement
  Tolerance   ± 1 mm
  Compressed  2 to 4 Kgs./Cm2 ( Air required for over imprinting)
  Dimension (in mm)   H – 1400 x / w – 670 x L – 1800 Approx.
  Weight   320 Kgs. Approx.