High Speed Wet Glue Labeling Machine NHL-300

N.K Industries manufacture the high speed wet glue labeling machine designated as NHL-300.

Manufacturer of High Speed Wet Glue Labeling Machine.

High Speed Wet Glue Labeling Machine NHL-300


  • 30 to 50% Glue Saving on each Label due to Strip Gluing System
  • No Label – No Gluing System eliminating wastage of Glue
  • No Bottle – No Label System eliminating wastage of Labels
  • No Label – No Coding System eliminating wastage of Ink
  • Built in online Coding System for printing B.No. Etc. Using Rubber Stereos and suitable ink for Labels to be provided by customer only
  • Easy to Change Label Application height on Bottles
  • Built in Vial Jamming Sensor to avoid damage/breakage to the Vials at in feed
  • Synchronized speed of Label application with Gluing, Printing and Vial Feeding
  • Fully Gear Drive System – No Chain Drive
  • Easy Change over system – No Setting of Master or Cam for timing
  • Least Change over time for Bottle and Label Change Parts
  • Suitable for any type of Grooved Surface of Product
  • Suitable for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap Labeling.
  • Fully Stainless Steel finishes Machine.

Machine working:

  • NHL 300 is high Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine is used for labeling of containers.
  • The round container is transferred on the moving conveyor from the inbuilt Unscramble and positioned accurately by a Feed Worm for correct spacing between two containers for wrap round operation at the labeling point.
  • The rotating GLUE CYLINDER receives cold glue from the Glue pot which subsequently gets transferred on to the Glue Rubber Roller. Finally a fine, even and thin film of glue is transferred on to the Gluing Pad.
  • The round container on the moving conveyor at the feed worm accurate sequences switch which results in the oscillation of the label box.
  • The rotating GLUING PAD which is aligned with oscillating LABEL BOX picks up only one label each time.
  • The PICK-UP CYLINDER receives labels with help of pick-up fingers from the GLUING PAD. The PICK-UP CYLINDER holds the labels perfectly due to vacuum during its rotational movement. Simultaneously the pick-up fingers move inside.

Technical specification:

Label Height 20 mm to 70 mm Standard*
Label Length 45 mm to 240 mm Standard*
Bottle Diameter 15 mm to 85 mm*
Glue Cold Dextrine Base Glue or other glue which does not create any fibres or threading during rotation, water soluble glue is required
Electrical 415 VAC 3 Phase or 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply through A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System(50/60 Hz)
Power 3 H.P. With One Vacuum Pump 4 H.P. With Two Vacuum Pump
Speed Up to 150 to 250 Labels per minute depending on Bottle and Label Size
Conveyor height 830-875 mm*
Overall dimension 2670 mm(L) X 900 mm(W) X 1100 mm (H)
Machine Direction of Movement Left to Right from operator side