Double Head Auger Powder Filling Machine

We are pioneer machine manufacture especially in the range of Auger powder filling machine. For high speed requirement, we provide Double Head Auger powder filling machine.

Manufacturer of Double Head Auger Powder Filling Machine.

Double Head Auger Powder Filling Machine

Salient Features:   

  • CGMP Model.
  • Complete SS 304 construction.
  • Powder filling based on Auger Revolution Count or Time.
  • Auger revolution controlling can be done through either Clutch – Brake system or Servo controlled closed loop system.
  • All Parts comes in contact with Powder are made of SS 316L.
  • Two hopper for Two head. Hopper capacity is 35 KG in SS 316 construction and can be easily dismantled for Sterilization process.
  • Inbuilt “No Container/No Fill” system prevents spillage and precious powder waste.
  • Virtually no maintenance due to less number of moving parts.
  • No Dripping of Powder due to superior design of Tooling for Free flowing as well as non free flowing powder.


  • Conveyor feeds the bottles from left to right.
  • Empty bottles are indexed by Star wheel then they are enter in to the the respective filling head.
  • after filling, the filled bottles are conveyed on the exit conveyor for next operation and cycle continues.
Technical Specification:
Direction Left To Right.
Metering Mode Dosing by auger revolutions counts
Auger Rotation Either by Clutch –brake system or Servo based system
Filling Weight 10 Gms to 1000 Gms (with help of Different Auger tooling)
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Production Rate Output and accuracy of the machine is subjected to flow property of the powder and other related conditions. But for calculation purpose usually 5 gms =70 BPM and 20 GMs =60 BPM
Height of Conveyor Adjustable from 850 To 900 MM
Bottle Diameter 25 MM To 90 MM MAX.
Electrical supply 3 KW
Power Characteristic 440 Volts, 3 Phase (4 wire System) 50 Hz.
Machine Dimension

( L X W X H ) mm

 1530 X 900 X 1800
Optional System:
  • Servo assisted Filling Head.
  • Dust Extraction System.