Automatic Tunnel Type Linear Bottle Washing Machines

N.K Industries is pioneer in manufacturing range of Tunnel type Linear Vial Washing Machine. Various models are available to cater the requirement of Low production to Moderate and higher production as per the modern inject able plant requirement.

Manufacturer of Automatic Linear Bottle Washing Machine


  • Completely CGMP Model.
  • Simple structure, Stable function, Easy operation and Virtually low maintenance cost.
  • Very Compact & modular construction
  • suitable for handling wash of 60ml to 250ml Bottles (without any change parts).
  • Machine also suitable for different size of bottles up to 3 Litter Bottles.
  • Machine is fitted with two emergency switches i.e one at out feed and other at infeed.
  • Totally fabricated from SS materials with basic frame (cGMP Model).
  • All parts coming in contact with washing zone are made from SS materials
  • Machine equipped with safety devices to ensure smooth and silent operation with HIGH rated output.
  • Machine totally rigid and withstands continuous operation for long working hours without any trouble.
  • Washing chamber having various spray zones.
  • The machine will be provided with SS pumps and SS tanks

 Optional Features:

  • Fully functional PLC with Touch Screen for the whole operation of the machine (Optional).
  • Printing Facility, Quick Recipes, Batch Details, Password Protection, etc. through PLC.