High Speed Rotary External Ampoule Washing Machine

The Automatic High Speed Rotary External Ampoule Washing Machine is designed to wash external surface of Ampoule, with 4 stage of washing which include washing medium like Detergent Water, Tap Water, Air wash & heating. The speed of the machine is up to 250 Ampoule per minute and can be varied through provided speed variation port on operating Panel.

Manufacturer of High Speed Rotary External Ampoule Washing Machine

External Ampoule Washing Machine











Technical Specification:

Model NKEAW-250
Direction Left to Right
Power consumption 6 KW
Electrical Connection 415V, 3 Phase , 50 HZ ,4 core wire
Machine overall Dimension(L X W X H) mm 1400 X 1070 X 730
1400 X 1070 X 1230 (with operating Panel)
Machine net weight (KG) 500
Machine gross weight (KG) 800
Tanks 2 nos of SS-316 Tanks with 50 Liters Capacity
Output 1 ml to 5 ml Ampoule at  250 Ampoules / minute
Loading of Container to Machine Tray
Unloading of Container Tray
No of centrifugal pump with 3 phase induction motor 2 Nos
Blower 1 Nos
Heater block 3 no of heaters and each rating 1 KW.

Washing Sequence:

Type of Wash

Washing Sequence

Washing Medium

External Wash

1st Wash

Tap Water

2nd Wash

TAP Water

3rd Wash


4th Wash


Note: in 1st and 2nd wash , Re circulation facility is available.