Dust extraction machine

Dust Extraction machine are quite useful and used in conjunction with mother machine like Auger powder filling Machine ,Tablet press, De-Duster. It is used to collect the excessive dust originated during process to maintain clean operation / working environment.

Dust Extractor Machine

Dust Extractor Machine

Salient Feature of Machines

  • CGMP Model
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Easy to connect with all types of mother machine like Tablet press, De-Duster & Auger Powder filling Machine.
  • Dynamically balanced blower.
  • Easy mobility imparted with Castor wheel.

Technical Specification:

Suction Capacity 150 CFM ( 250 M3/Hour)
Filtration Area 9 Sq. Feet
Dust Storage Capacity 3/4 Cu.Feet            
Electronic Motor Hindustan Make 1 HP 280 RPM                
Over all dimension(L X W X H) mm 470mm X 530mm X 630 mm
Net Weight (KG) 70
Gross Weight (KG) 100
Other electrical component Starter BCH Make Amle 20 Relay 0.46 to 0.80 A

Machine working:

Dust loaded air enters collector through an expansion chamber, where heavy dust particles are deposited by gravity. The fine dust passes upwards through single large orifice and is finally collected by filter. There is an effective sudden action shaking mechanism for shaking filter and dust is deposited into drawer type tray. There is a large door for changing filter bag and cleaning of the machine.